Professional Training

In over 50 years, we have gathered a vast knowledge about the application of our products. Every day, we work on expanding this knowledge. In our training facilities in Beckum, we regularly offer trainings for professional floor installers to make our knowledge accessible to our customers. In these trainings we are supported by well-known floor and adhesive manufacturers. Attend our trainings on a variety of topics and stay up to date to deliver the best possible service to your customers.

Technical Training

Fast delivery

Our range includes more than 4.000 products, which we keep in stock for our customers. We have partnered up with fast and reliable freight companies that help us deliver our products within Germany, Europe, and around the globe without delay. Orders from within the EU that reach us before 11 am will leave our warehouse on the same day.


We know that your tools and machinery have to endure a tough environment on the job-site. Our products are built to accompany you for many years. That is why we keep a stock of spare parts for the machines we sell. To repair your machines as quick as possible, we have our own workshop with skilled personnel, who are able to repair your machines in a quick and cost-effective manner. Call us when your tools and machinery need repairing. We will take care of picking them up and send you’ll have your machine fixed in no timed.

A capable team

We make a point of thoroughly training our staff. To provide the best possible service to our customers, our staff is trained regularly in the application of our products. It doesn’t matter if you call, email or fax – we will be glad to help you. Within Germany, our sales reps will visit you or come out to your job-site to demonstrate our products and their proper application.

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