Art. Nr.: 43666

Floorfixx Smart 825x565x8 mm

SmartFloor, the best subfloor for the installation of
• Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT).
• SmartFloor is a revolutionary and certified 'twin system' subfloor, especially developed for the installation of LVT. The twin system consists of an upper and lower board, that creates a perfect and stable subfloor by means of an interactive adhesive bonding.
• SmartFloor can be used in both commercial and domestic situations in combination with almost any type of floor construction. The installation requires only basic tools and skills and provides the solution to a whole range of problems associated with traditional surface preparation methods.
• SmartFloor can be as easily removed as installed without any damage to the original subfloor.
• The advantages of SmartFloor :
• - Levelling out up to 2mm
• - Creates a complete smooth and stable subfloor
• - Impact sound reduction of 23dB ?Llw
• - Saves time and money
• - Easy to use, environmentally friendly product
• SmartFloor comes in modules of 825x565 mm.
• It consists of 3 layers: Top 3 mm MDF board, middle 3 mm MDF board, bottom 2,2 mm XPS-foam.
• Packing 42 packs of 2,8 m² = 117,6 m² per palet.

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