Art. Nr.: 43670

Egalsoft underlay 22x1.37m

"Egalsoft", the extra under the carpet. Self-adhesive underlay for carpets with sandwich-structure: bottom - acrylate fi xing; middle layer - soft synthetic felt; top - robust fl eece. Comfortably to walk on. Increased footfall sound attenuation. Better thermal insulation. Evens slight unevennesses. Can easily and fast be removed together with the carpet. Safe and professional laying due to adhesion of the carpet
• on "Egalsoft". "Egalsoft" contains no volatile dangerous substances, that could cause health defects with the user. Technical data: Width of reel 137 cm; Length of reel 22 m; Weight of reel 25 kg; Weight of material approx. 850 g/m ²; Thickness of material approx. 6,5 mm; Improved footfall sound attenuation 27 dB (DIN 52210); Diathermancy resistance 0,22 m² K/W (DIN 52612); Suitable for chair wheels according to DIN 54324; Consumption of adhesive approx. 650 g/m ². For the adhesion of the upper carpet solvent-free, quick-bonding carpet adhesives must be used.

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