Art. Nr.: 11721

Edge trimmer Telescopic pole

With our new edge insulation strip cutter, you can conveniently shorten the screed edge insulation strips or cut them off completely. The special thing about this is that you do not have to "crawl" around the entire perimeter of the room to do this, but you can comfortably do this job while standing with a telescopic pole. You can use your 18mm cutter blades for this.

• With the edge insulation strip cutter from WITTE, you can cut in both directions and use the height adjustment up to 25 mm.

• So once again a tool that is easy on the user's knees and also much faster.

• Technical data
• maximum cutting height 25 mm
• blades 18 mm like 14490 from Mozart
• telescopic pole 110-205 cm

• Scope of delivery
• Edge insulation strip cutter
• 2 pre-assembled blades
• Telescopic pole

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