Art. Nr.: 26075

Cyclone pre-separator FloorFit

The cyclone-pre-separator goes in between a vacuum and the source of the dust. It takes more than 90% of the aspirated material into the separator's bin.
• So working intervals get far longer without cleaning the filters or emptying the bin of the vacuum.
• This pre-separator is great for all works with diamond grinders.
• The highly efficient, antistatic cyclone separator is mounted on the lid of a 60 liter steel barrel. The truck frame has castors in front and big wheels in the back.
• Complete with:
• - Cyclone-separator, antistatic, mounted on lid
• - steel barrel with lid 60 liters with clamping ring
• - suction hose 38 mm, 2m.
• We recommend to use the provided hose between vacuum and pre-separator. For this purpose the connector for the vacuum has to be switched to the provided hose.

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